Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sexy Saturday

I need a personal assistant. Seriously. This should have been up hours and hours ago. My sexy snippet from my work in progress titled Web of Desire.

There it was again. Tremors of awareness raged through her at the mere touch of her hand on his arm. Aurora had to fight the urge to explore the ridges of his muscled arm. Even through the damp shirt that clung to him, she could feel heat radiating from him. Pulling her hand back as if she'd been burned, she took a step back and looked for—what was she looking for? Aurora blinked several times and gathered her wits about her. He watched her with his eyes narrowed and untrusting. She couldn't blame him. Countless women threw themselves at him, maybe even dared to show up on his doorstep like this. But this was different. And it wasn't the way she wanted to introduce herself, like some stalker looking like a drowned waif. Then do it, Rory. Tell him, before he throws you out in the storm—or worse. 

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