Friday, June 7, 2013

My BP Round Robin Guest

I am hosting the fabulous Faberge Nostromo whose debut, His Secret Dancer should be on everyone's to be read list. He has a passion for guitars that matches mine. Please give him a warm welcome. 

Hi Gayl, thanks for having me. May I introduce myself?

I grew up in the East End of London before escaping to East Anglia. I’ve been a civil servant, a tea boy, sound engineer, a librarian and an IT consultant but deep down, I always knew that I was a writer. I now live deep in the heart of Suffolk with my wife, son and too many guitars.

The gender agenda and echo chambers…ers…ers…ers…

OK – fact: The Rolling Stones are the greatest rock band in the world.
But The Who are definitely the second greatest, and one of my favourite lines is from a little known Who song from 1967 – Tattoo:-

Me and my brother were talking to each other
'Bout what makes a man a man
Was it brain or brawn, or the month you were born,
We just couldn't understand

So that's the question – what makes a man a man?
I can quite happily live without football, rugby, cricket and almost any sport and to some men that makes me more or less a woman.
And yet when a woman answers the question "what's wrong?" with "there's nothing wrong" and I believe her, that apparently makes me a typical thoughtless man.

Can't win… but whichever way, I think I'm a man.

The point is, gender – and I'm not talking genitalia – isn't 0 or 1, + or -, all or nothing. It's a vast confusing ocean of currents, eddies and tides from blokes who define themselves by sports, drinking statistics and breaking wind in public to women who can only giggle, file their nails and think that kittens are sweet, via a whole world of individuals in between those two stereotype extremes.
We all know blokey blokes and girly girls just as we all know men who are 'in touch with their feminine side' and 'ball breaker' women.

So my hero in His Secret Dancer is also my heroine. Dan/Danielle is on a journey of discovery. She, Danielle, is a very feminine and sexy girl and he, Dan, is a very attractive and sexy man. S/he is exploring gender and sexuality and I look forward to you reading about the journey s/he is on. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Which brings me onto my sub-topic – echo chambers.

I'd always thought I was a writer really. But then I wrote a book and realized I wasn't – or, at least, hadn't been.

Writers write. All the time. And writers have readers. And publishers. And editors.

Writing in an echo chamber – tweeters tweeting to tweeters about tweeting, bloggers blogging about blogging to bloggers – isn't being a writer. It's avoiding writing.
Stop it now and write a book.
I did.
So can you.

And that book is - His Secret Dancer:
Dan's drab life is a world away from his secret life as Danielle, the burlesque star of Tomasz's transvestite nightclub, Trans-Action.
Having found 'her' inner T girl as a student, Danielle has discovered the power of her femininity and her talent to entice and excite - but she realizes that Dan's life is losing the passion it once had.
As Danielle's relationship with Tomasz takes her deeper into both her lover and his world, encountering passions neither thought they dare explore, demure Francine is too often left to her own devices and desires. Her only release is in the fantasies inspired by the customers who pass through her life and her patisserie.
Does she want a man in her life or a woman? Or both…
Seeing her man exploring her wardrobe she decides to embrace the power of her own sexuality. Then a sizzling encounter with Tomasz unlocks the vixen in her and sets their two worlds on a collision course.
Can Dan bring Dan's world and Danielle's together - especially when he discovers Danielle's secret lover secretly loving Francine?

Buy the book –

Fabs on the web -


  1. Thanks for having me, Gayl - and next time it's all about guitars!

    1. It is always a pleasure Faberge! I'd love to have you visit again.


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