Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Hop Winner and Excerpt

Doesn't this chocolate rose look delightful? Almost too pretty to eat but I would give it a go.

Without further adieu, my winner of a pdf copy of Ride a Cock Horse for the Breathless Press Sexy Bunny Blog Hop, (selected by random.org) is...

* drumroll please * 

Susan W. 
*throws confetti and small chocolates* 

Susan, please email me at gtaylor423 at gmail dot com so I can send your pdf copy just prior to release. Thanks to everyone who left me a comment and followed my blog. 

And now for a steamy excerpt. Warning - adults only please.

"Ah, Kate, I've missed you so much."
He pulled her against him, dipped his head until his mouth found the sensitive area behind her ear, and kissed it. His erection pressed into the small of her back as he pulled her closer. With his left hand, he unfastened the clasp at her neck while the hand that held her moved lower until it found the soft flesh of her thigh. Slowly, he began to caress her, higher and higher, as the top of her dress fell to her waist and exposed her bare breasts. She should have protested, but it felt so good, so right. No one made her feel like this and, as hard as she tried to find someone else, it had always been Hunter's touch that made her body respond.
Kate leaned back so that her head rested on his shoulder. Closing her eyes, she savored each caress as her body naturally responded to his touch. Wet heat pooled between her legs. She ached for him, wanted him to soothe her need and, just when she made up her mind to demand it, one long finger and then another parted her folds and slid inside her. She trembled with desire as his palm worked slowly against her clit while his fingers moved in and out with slow precision.
"You remember that time at Rocky's when you rode that mechanical bull? That was such a turn on; I was so hard watching you that night. Ride my hand, Kate, like you rode the bull." His voice, rough and laced with desire, rumbled against her ear. 


  1. Wowww, nice excerpt! Adults only, no kidding! That last part about the bull... whooo! I need a cold glass of water. I've GOTTA find a way to buy this one even if our Surinamese creditcard isn't listed on those sites. This one is going to grace my bookcase, you'll see! For sure!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Jean-Marie! I debated between this excerpt and a tamer one. *shrug* The erotic excerpt won out.

      Be on the lookout for contests/giveaways as release day nears.


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