Sunday, August 24, 2014

Turn Up the Radio

I had a blast last night tearing up the airwaves with my Wonderland cohorts. If you weren't able to tune in, here is the link: Taste Test with the Wonderland Tales authors

Personally I think it went well even with my lapses of unintelligent conversation. I also learned what a dork is and I will never EVER use that word to describe myself again.

We also experienced a 6.0 earthquake around 3:30 AM. Fortunately, we experienced no damage but the experience left me shaken (no pun intended). I was in San Francisco during the '89 earthquake and the memory of its devastation never really left so I am thankful for me and mine but my heart and prayers go out to the good people in the Napa area who suffered a lot of damage.

Karyn and I are knee deep in edits for Wild Pitch. I am beyond excited for its release which I will share when I know for certain. The anticipation of a cover, of a release, and the muse firing on all cylinders is intoxicating for me. I love to write (in case you can't tell) and have stories bubbling over in my imagination. I look forward to sharing them all.

Be sure to have a listen to my audio excerpt narrated by the talented Domino Lane. I'm going to post it in the side column.

~ Happy Reading!

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