Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sexy Saturday with Isabella

I'm in a pinkish sort of mood today...

My Sexy Saturday post features a work in progress titled Man of her Dreams that I didn't finish in time for a haunted house submission. Not sure what I will do with it at this point but I'm about a third through so we'll see. 

Isabella is in the middle of a recurring dream that intensifies over time. This is a glimpse at one of her dreams. Teaser is rated M for mature.


Don't cover your body Isabella. I want to feel your soft flesh. I want you naked.

The hem of her tank top lifted slowly until the underside of her breasts was exposed. A cool finger circled her navel and dipped inside the waist of her sweats. Yes. He tugged on them, lowered them on her hips. His caress set her on fire with desire and arousal. Her hips rocked needing his touch on her mound, inside her pussy. 


 Now head to My Sexy Saturday and read some more tantalizing snippets.


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