Thursday, May 3, 2012

Of Muse and Men

The other day I read and commented on a post about Dream Men. I personally have several dream men. The thing I like about them is how they inspire my writing and my heroes. One of my current works in progress as well as my latest contracted book The Hero Sandwich co-authored with Karyn Gerrard are heavily fueled by one dream man in particular. Well, okay maybe two dream men.

I am an avid baseball fan and a die-hard Giants fan (that's San Francisco, not NY). I had the pleasure of meeting one of my dream men who played professional baseball, Mike Matheny. Sadly, he is taken but a girl can fantasize right? He was soft-spoken, a gentleman all the way. He possesses the characteristics of the baseball player I am writing about in The Sweet Spot.

Has has the look that makes me all gooey inside. Tall (A head taller than me). Broad chest and shoulders, nice thighs. Chiseled features. Scruff. Tousled hair. My WiP The Sweet Spot was partly inspired by him.

Compare him to my other dream man and you will see what appeals to me. Michael David Barre, another guy who turns my insides into molten lava. He is Tate in my WiP The Sweet Spot. Also the inspiration for our hero in the upcoming The Hero Sandwich.

I should post a disclaimer that my muse changes with the wind. I'm flighty. Different men appeal at different times. But for now...these guys are as delicious as my favorite sweet treat.


  1. yes a very sweet treat indeed! :) great cover :)

  2. Incredible cover, and every single thing about your baseball player hits my sweet spot.

  3. My men-muses change with the wind, too. But MDB has fit for more than one hero for me! He's classic. How incredible you met Mike. I would have been a puddle.

    ~Karyn (too lazy to sign out and resign-in)

    1. I don't know how this comment ended up in my SPAM...dang blogger. Karyn I was a puddle when I met him. I actually met him twice! Once after a game (I was walking through the tunnel where the locker room was).

      And there isn't much more I can say about MDB other than *thud*


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