Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Morning After

Mara stood at the foot of her bed and studied the man sleeping in it. Darkness shrouded the room except for dim light filtering in from the window. She’d broken the first of her cardinal rules-never let the client sleep over. Technically, they hadn’t done much sleeping so Mara figured she could let it slide. She ought to finish dressing and get him out of her bed but he looked so delicious barely covered by the sheet.

Carefully kneeling on the bed, Mara gently ran her hand slowly up his leg until it rested on his inner thigh. His legs were long and well sculpted like the rest of him, not too bulky but honed to lean masculine perfection. The fact that he paid for sex baffled her; if she hadn’t been on the job, Mara would have done him for free.

His chest, lightly dusted with hair expanded and contracted with his shallow breathing. Her gaze followed his treasure trail to where the sheet tented with his erection. One more taste, she thought, and Mara leaned in while her hand rose higher on his inner thigh.

“Are you hungry, baby?”

Mara looked up at the touch of his hand cupped against her cheek. His thumb traced a path from below her ear and along her jaw until it settled on her lower lip. He held her chin softly and Mara nibbled playfully on his thumb and smiled wickedly as he pulled the sheet away from his cock. She briefly wondered how many rules she would break with him.


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