Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dialog vs. Narrative

If there were a standard measurement of the ideal ratio of dialog to description, what would that be? I am working on a particular chapter that reveals much of what my characters’ expectations were for themselves. Most of it is coming to me in the form of dialog from each character’s lips to my ears. I do not like to write a lot of dialog. I like to describe. However, what the characters say in this situation sets the tone for what happens next.

I may be babbling at this point. I am tired, at work and fighting to stay awake. I should not be writing right now at all but this is when I have the time and it is quiet so both Tate and Willa are being quite vocal. I cannot repeat what Tate is saying and I think Willa overheard some of it and blushed, which for her, is unusual.

Bottom line is this – how do you strike a happy medium of dialog and narrative?


  1. Heheh... you and I are opposites. If I could write only dialogue, I totally would XD

    It's great that your characters are talking! That's always such an exciting feeling. Sucks when it hits at inconvenient times, though :S

    As for the ratio... I think that's one of those things you just know? If you read over a piece and feel like there's too much dialogue and not enough narrative, then there probably is. I know that's not helpful, but I've got nothing better. Sorry :S

    Hope things have been improving on your end.

  2. The hard thing for me is getting it from my head to the page when it comes so fast.

    I agree that the best thing is to just write it and then re-read it to make sure that it wakes sense.

    Thank you!!


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