Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Going Old School

It is so easy to become distracted by bright shiny things on the internet. So much so that I have decided to use an old fashioned notebook to write in. This will likely lead to writer's cramp but I think that is much easier to deal with than writer's block or the myriad websites that call my name. Of course I will have to type it eventually.

There is also the iPad that I can access Google docs with. The nice thing about Google Docs is having easy access to my work when I am on the PC. Although I will need to share space with Ozzy...


  1. Awww! Cat picture!! Your Ozzy looks so much like my Trouble. Right down to the fluffy neck and neck rings.

    I love writing in a notebook, especially when I get blocked. It's sort of like writing metamucil.

  2. I love writing in a notebook. It helps to minimize the distractions when the only thing I can think about is the pen gliding on the paper continuously and wanting to fill in the blank spaces.

    Ozzy is super cute. He's a troublemaker, isn't he? ;)

  3. Nina, your cat might be named Trouble but Ozzy IS trouble! LOL! I love him dearly though, cat hair in my PC and all.

    It has been good writing in the notebook. I have yet to word process it but being away from the distraction of the internet helps a lot.

    Choco, the notebook has been good. It is much easier to jot down notes in a side column as they occur to me.

    Ozzy is definitely a troublemaker. He owns that PC, loves to walk on the keyboard and turns the volume off the phone on the multi-function printer.


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