Thursday, June 7, 2012


Friday night never deviated in its routine. Lisa would walk through the door of the apartment they shared with a guy in tow. While she tried not to listen, Kat couldn't help following the muffled voices as they passed her room. A soft click confirmed they were in Lisa's bedroom. They wouldn't be there for long. Tick. Tick. Tick. 

Kat knew Lisa since childhood, loved her since high school. She'd been selfish asking her to move in. Suffered in silence as Lisa gave herself to one guy after another. Ten minutes became twenty and he'd grunt his release. Five minutes later, he'd be gone. Lisa would be alone. Unsatisfied. 

Kat pulled on a silk robe and quietly moved toward Lisa's door. The walls betrayed their implied privacy and she heard the soft buzz along with Lisa's moans. Carefully turning the knob, Kat entered. Lisa knelt on the bed, her back to the door, one hand cupping a breast, and the other between her legs. 

"Lisa—let me—please." 

Kat slipped off her robe. Lisa turned but made no move to cover her nakedness as Kat knelt behind her. She moved Lisa's hair off her shoulder and trailed kisses down her neck. One hand glided along Lisa's arm until it rested on top of her hand. The other pinched a nipple. Kat took the finger vibrator and slipped it on her finger. 

"Kat...ooh...yes." With each ragged breath, Kat increased the pressure until Lisa flew apart. 

"You're mine now, Lisa." 

"Always, Kat. Always."

Cross-posted Breathless Press Thursday Flash


  1. can really write these things! Somehow I feel that Kat is more than a little bit obsessed rather than in love.

    1. She is obsessed, no doubt about it. It's not easy to tell a complete story in 250 words, at least not for me. This is just a glimpse.


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