Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holding Pattern

A slight change to the release date for Ride a Cock Horse. It has been moved back to May 25. I'm okay with that especially since it gives me a little time to focus on some other manuscripts. It is interesting how I can know what I want to write until I sit down to write it. In a bit of a writing funk this weekend.

This week I attended a development offsite for my "day job" (in quotes because sometimes that day job involves working at night). We were given the opportunity to create a collage that best represented an area of focus that we would like to develop.

I really like the way mine turned out despite the fact that it looks sparse.  The first 45 minutes of my time was spent staring off at the Presidio cemetery and 20 minutes looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge.

I found several images in the assortment of magazines at our disposal. The common theme to mine revolved around creative freedom and realizing my potential. Synchronicity. Letting go. Following my dreams. Of course there is also the requisite eating healthy image but that goes without saying.

All in all it was a lovely day.

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