Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not So Deep Thoughts

It was around 70 degrees today, absolutely gorgeous afternoon and too nice to stay cooped up in the house but I have a lot of things going on. As of a few days ago, my pre-edits are done and my cover art form submitted. I am on pins and needles in anticipation of what it will look like. Every small step closer makes me giddy. I have a tentative release date of April 14th so mark your calendars folks. In case I haven't mentioned it a thousand times, the title is Ride a Cock Horse and it will be published by Breathless Press.

I spent a little Christmas money on some books I have wanted to read. Currently reading A Facebook Affair by Tara Chevrestt. So far I am really loving it. If I can manage to stay awake a bit longer, I should have it finished tonight.

I have been making some major changes to Sweet Spot. I expected to have it done (first draft) before the end of 2011 but set it aside to write my nursery rhyme. When I picked it up again, I realized some things just didn't work for me anymore. I cut a character and tweaked the conflict a bit. It makes more work for me to patch the holes from those changes but the final product will be worth it. My feeling is that, while this is fiction, it needs to be believable. If I couldn't get past some of it, I can't expect a reader to either. So distance in this case was a good thing.

I also have two other manuscripts in the works that came out of nowhere. Outlining these so I keep on the road although I did write a chapter for one of them. I am a pantser (pantster?) by nature and that seems to get me in trouble about two thirds of the way through. Therefore, I am outlining. Planning. A first for me.

That is pretty much it for the week. I will be posting more soon (including a blurb of my upcoming book)  so stay tuned.

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