Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Review - A Facebook Affair

A Facebook Affair is a sweet, sexy story with a little something extra - a message about adversity, bullies, and being less than "perfect". It revolves around Kelly, who lost her hearing at a young age and her budding romance with Brandon, who befriended her when they were children.

Kelly is at loose ends after the death of her mother from cancer. At the encouragement of her best friend to put herself out in the social world, she signs up for a Facebook account. She looks up an old crush from her childhood (Brandon), finds him, and they begin an online flirtation that turns into more when they meet in person for a date. The twist here is that Brandon's twin sister and her best friend are the bullies that tormented Kelly.

Throughout the book, the author effectively uses flashbacks of Kelly's childhood to show the growth and strength in her character. Those childhood insecurities surface when she comes face to face with the bullies from her childhood but Kelly handles it with grace and confidence.

The thing that really impressed me is how the author was not afraid to think outside the box with her characters. Kelly was very real, vulnerable yet strong, and refreshing. Also, the use of flashbacks can really confuse a reader unless it is done well and in this case, it was definitely done well. I don't think Kelly's story could have been told any other way. I would highly recommend this book.

You can purchase A Facebook Affair at the following links:

Breathless Press

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  1. Though I'm obviously biased about the book, I have to admit that the reasons you listed are the reasons I took it on. This story was one that needed to grace the world. Thank you for recognizing that!


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