Wednesday, June 29, 2011

By the Book

Pardon the image quality - I took this with an iPhone and unsteady hands because I was precariously balancing myself between a pile of boxes. There is a wall of book shelves in my dad's office that are floor to ceiling books. Two sections of the four are paperbacks. This is a small cross-section. It does not include the boxes in the garage.

Mind you there are technically three rows of books per shelf. If you look closely you can see books behind books. Those back rows of books are stacked on top of each other. I was amazed. I don't remember reading most of them. Hopefully you can see some of the titles and authors. There were a lot of romance books on those shelves. I brought a box-full of them home.

There was a particular series by Rosemary Rogers that caught my eye. Unfortunately one of them is missing (the first in the series) and I am weird about starting from book one. I think it's in the garage though. Also some Nora Roberts books that do not look as if they have been touched although Mom swears she has read them cover to cover. I feel bad that my mom can no longer see well enough to read.

It is hard to imagine my mother buying them (some of them, anyway) simply because it is squicky to think your mom ever read erotic romance (Story of O anyone?) or anything remotely titillating. It is even more difficult to imagine her allowing me to read them at a young age considering what a prude my mom is. (I say that in the most loving way)

It also brings to mind my son reading over my shoulder the other day and asking me, with a very serious and somewhat dubious face, if I was writing porn. I calmly began to explain the difference between porn and erotica when he said, "Eww, Mom, stop it, that's just gross. I don't want to hear any more!" and walked away shaking his head in wonder. Too much information I guess.

*wonders how he thinks he and his brothers came into the world*


  1. There is a lot of Ludlum, Nora Roberts, Rosemary Rogers, Danielle Steel, quite a collection really. I was surprised at the Book of Mormon since we are not Mormon...oh and Gone with the Wind which my mother would not let me take despite the fact that she cannot see well enough to read anymore.

    I adore Gable, something about his looks or maybe it is his presence, that is appealing.

    Yeah, I wish I could have captured the exact words my son get the gist of it though. Picture him with fingers in his ears going LALALALALA as he walks away. I could explain it to my dad; he wouldn't remember five minutes later.

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  3. I could have sworn that I was already following you, but found out yesterday that I wasn't. :(

    LOL at your son. Well, you know how it is and will be for a while.

  4. Oh gosh, that's okay. This page is still a WiP but thank you for adding me!

    Most of the time they ignore what I am doing in the writing department. I think they are pleased that I am going for it as opposed to what I am writing.


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